I was struggling with my purpose in life, healing from family trauma and just needed extra support. It helped me a lot in that I got a lot of mindful, practical solutions to things I was struggling with. If someone is contemplating working with surabhi, I would say definitely do it! She is compassionate, warm, caring, so supportive and has endless amounts of tools and knowledge for what she does. If something didn’t resonate with me, she always had options that resonated better with me. Surabhi also was a really, really helpful guide in helping me find my true passion with her character strength sessions myself again.
Nora Williams
When I reached out to Surabhi I was in a cloud of confusion, sadness, and my life was just so plain that I was just not happy. All my life areas were doing well still I had this constant feeling that I am stuck and there’s nothing new or exciting. I was shopping and eating to add happiness but it wasn’t working. I felt hopeless and frustrated. Surabhi helped me clear the fog. She coached me through various small assignments to increase my happiness levels on a daily basis. She also pointed out few areas that I was neglecting which were actually leading to a lot of anxiety. I have been to therapy many times before but it wasn't until I worked with surabhi that I had a breakthrough and am truly healing my anxiety at its core. I can't praise her enough for how she was able to connect to my experience and guide me through it. Working with her is a gift. Do not hesitate. No one has come close to helping me make the progress I have with Surabhi over such a short period of time. She is worth the investment. Everyone can benefit from her specialized approach to mindfulness and happiness. I am so grateful I made the commitment.
Praniti Jain
Surabhi has been an amazing support and resource for me. What I find more helpful with her over other coaches is that she can relate to my issues and shares stories of her own life to better connect with me and my struggles. Her values align with mine which is extremely important for me as we navigate the world and finding our place in it. Zoom for appointments was a different tool but I love the convenience especially during the lockdown period. I highly recommend Surabhi for her mindfulness based approach.
Pooja Aggarwal
Surabhi has helped me work through barriers I didn't even know I had. With her guidance I've been able to recognize things that were holding me back. And the best part is that she didn’t make me do anything which didn’t come natural to me. This has helped me not only in my personal life but also with body image issues. I have grown by leaps and bounds in just a few short weeks and truly look forward to my sessions with Surabhi and the small exercises and homework activities she gives. She is thoughtful and understanding and above all else she truly listens.
Shubhra Karodia
I know Surabhi from our school days and when I spoke to Surabhi 3 months back I was in the process of dealing with a break up. It was a 7-year relationship that I thought was my everything at the time. To say I was heartbroken was an understatement, I was devastated. I knew it was time to deal with my own issues if I ever wanted to truly be happy. Surabhi was compassionate and I could sense right away that she knew where I was coming from on a personal level. She helped me to realize that I can’t forget me in my relationships, and helped me work towards changing that. If you are questioning if Surabhi is the right fit for you, or contemplating the cost of a professional with her experience I will tell you that her guidance is truly priceless. Within a matter of days I began to really listen to my thoughts and became more aware of my reactions felt my body. I became more compassionate with MYSELF. She has taught me not only to validate my own worth, but to really listen to my inner voice. I'm so grateful to her for helping guide me through such a trying time in my life.
(Name not mentioned as per client’s request)

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