Student Guidance Programmes

During the school year, students report higher levels of stress than grownups. Younger students don’t have it much better, either. And, if anything, the pressure has only gone up since, and it’s not hard to imagine why. It has never been harder to get into college — or pay for it. For elementary school students, time for breaks and free play has steadily given way to high-stakes testing and increasing academic demands.
It is crucial that we understand and acknowledge this pressure and equip these young minds to deal with it.

Student Happiness Programme

In this workshop, students engage in a series of engagement exercises designed to increase their happiness levels and build more productive and mindful habits.

  • As preparation for these tasks, our mentor will reveal misconceptions about happiness, unpleasant features of the mind that lead us to think the way we do, and the research that can help us change.
  • Then we go on to show various habits that can help them increase their happiness levels.​
  • In the end, you will ultimately be prepared to incorporate a specific wellness activity into your life successfully.​​

Character Strength Workshop

This one-day training equips professionals and teachers to utilize evidence-based character strengths coaching skills and techniques, proven to improve success, achievement, well-being, and resilience in young people. This training provides a practical approach for students to develop their future career options.

During the training They will:
  • Be introduced to the positive psychology character strengths.
  • Gain insight into best practice frameworks for developing strengths education.
  • Learn how to utilize strengths to support the development of resilience in young people, including simple strengths coaching skills and strategies that can be used in one-to-one work with young people, such as tutor time, mentoring sessions, or pastoral support sessions. strategies and tools to use in group support sessions for young people to develop.

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