Meet Our Coach

Surabhi is a Life and Wellness Coach certified in Social Psychology from Wesleyan University. She is also certified in critical practice of Psychological First-Aid from the acclaimed John Hopkins University and Science of Well-Being from Yale University. As a coach she uses positive psychology, mindfulness, and character strength techniques to help her clients work towards a happier self.

She has worked with individuals and organizations to help them, find and enhance their character strengths and provides them with effective tools to move towards their desired goals.

She founded Sukoon Wellness with the sole purpose of helping people with wellness plans focusing on all aspects of their life.

  • Navigate them to work through unhealthy stress levels and provide guidance through significant life transitions.
  • Help them optimize their strengths and talents and make mindful changes when they aren’t sure where to begin.
Surabhi Sharma - Life & Wellness Coach at Sukoon Wellness

Surabhi Sharma

Life and Wellness Coach
Sukoon Wellness


Self-help and personal growth have been long time passions for me. Through much of my younger years, I struggled with deep frustration of wanting something more, so I started exploring the world of positive psychology, mindfulness and working towards enhancing my key character strengths. While doing so, I felt a gap, like not having enough tools, resources, or knowledge of how to create that radical positive change and live the kind of life we could so easily imagine and deeply desire. I attended workshops, read books and immersed myself in a mindful, strength-based and psychological therapies. With the help of fierce teachers and loving guides, slowly, but surely my life began to unfold towards a path that is a little less troubled, a little happier. And this is how “Sukoon Wellness” was born.

Throughout this website and our blog, you’ll find more information about our workshops, practical tips, bits of motivation, inspiration, ways to be more mindful. It’s more than information. It’s tactical, easy to assimilate, and ready to apply to your own life. Learn what you need right now, what serves you right at this moment, and leave the rest. We can only learn and apply so much at once.

I’m so glad that you are reading this and taking the first step. Here are some FAQ’s to help you explore further.  


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